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Snow Sport Apparel

Weatherford’s has been providing snow sport apparel since opening in the Fall of 1986. Dave—the owner—has been skiing since the mid-1960’s, which includes schussing in the United States, Europe, and South America. That’s over 40 years of experience! Dave—still an occasional skate boarder and surfer—ventured into snowboarding in its early years in 1988, but today, tends to prefer the stability and higher performance of the newer, shaped skis, which he likes to refer to as “having power steering, power shocks, and power breaks.” The strides made in the last decade or so in the design and comfort of the equipment have enabled older skiers to attain a better level of expertise, but most importantly, has allowed new skiers to pick up the sport in just a few days!  

One of the main purposes that led to Weatherford’s establishment was to provide good outerwear and snow sport apparel that the individual could try. Buying skiwear over the first “Internet” or through catalogs was always risky to get that fit, and the hassles of returns, credit, and re-order a big pain.

With our knowledge and experience, we can put first time skiers and boarders into quality apparel at affordable pricing. And for the more experienced customer who is looking for a second outfit, we encourage you to bring in your “older” outfits in order to coordinate with the new look, or just be different and pick out something totally the opposite.

We believe that there are 3 main aspects to enjoying a winter vacation in snow land:

  1. Having fun on the slopes whether skiing or boarding
  2. Enjoying the camaraderie, especially swapping tales in the “after ski” nightlife called aspré
  3. And looking good!....It’s kind of like Halloween on the slopes.

Weatherford’s stocks snow sport apparel for the entire family, from children sizes beginning at 2-T all the way to adult sizes up to 6XL. We also have a ½ Price Room with great deals on last season’s jackets.

Some of the items we stock include:

Snow bibs and insulated pants for everyone
Women’s stretch bibs and pants
Technical long underwear for everyone
Cotton, fleece, and wool sweaters
Ski gloves and mitts, and liners
Hats of all kinds
Ear bands and earmuffs
Scarves and neck gaiters (tubular scarfs)
Ski socks and liners--if you need them
Merino wool socks
Snow goggles
Snow boots for everyone
Ski and snowboard carrying bags
Boot bags