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Shoes and Boots for Hiking, Backpacking, and Trekking

Weatherford’s stocks a good selection of shoes and boots, and has access to many more including plastic boots for mountaineering and ice climbing.

But what makes our true hiking and backpacking boots different from your other “hiking” boots other stores carry? Ours have support—or what we refer to as a chassis, just like what cars have. Put it like this: You can cram six people into a VW Beetle and travel to California, but wouldn’t it be safer and more comfortable to travel in a Lincoln Town Car?

Your feet have 26 bones in each foot, and the constant movement of the bones and their accompanying joints can cause great fatigue and even injury while walking over uneven terrain—even the cobblestones of Europe. Without a chassis and its accompanying protective foot bed, bruising can easily occur, which can render a backpacker somewhat stranded in the wilderness. Also, ankle and knee injuries are more likely to happen, especially when a person is carrying the extra weight of a pack. A stable platform helps prevent a lot of problems.

So to get you there and back safely, we like to ask our customers the qualifying questions, which will insure they select the most appropriate shoe or boot for their immediate adventure, as well as future ones.

The brands we carry and have access to include Salomon, Vasque, Salewa, Lowa, Asolo, Scarpa, Merrell, and The North Face. Each brand has its strong points as well as weaknesses, so what you like “visually” needs to correlate with purpose, product appropriateness, and fit. That’s where our expertise comes in handy.