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Weatherford’s stocks a variety of travel wear and gear for traveling, whether it be to destinations in the United States or the rest of the world, and we like to recommend products that also have versatile usages when you return home. Much of the clothing is durable enough for backpacking, works great in cities, and depending upon the weather can be utilized in the Pensacola area or another type of vacation. With the appropriate layering, the clothing required for cruises to Antarctica can be separated and used individually during many seasons of the year. But sometimes, certain adventures are clothing specific and one must dress accordingly without compromising. Remember, it is easy to get somewhere, but it can be difficult to get back—and that’s our goal, to get you there and back in comfort and safely.

We typically recommend a mixture of synthetic and cotton travel wear; but, again, it all depends on where you are traveling and the time of year.

Weatherford’s also stocks a variety of Passport holders, money belts, electrical adapters, and compression socks for use on long airline flights.

Must Have Items

No matter where you venture—the woods or the city--a good rain jacket is a must. Combined with the appropriate footwear—your wheels, so to speak—you can be practically buck-naked and walk out of a predicament, staying dry, and avoiding hypothermia. Also, a hat can protect both from sun as well as rain.

While day hiking in the mountains or the skyscrapers of New York, severe thunderstorms can come from the backside and blindside you.  Even a civilized walk in the gardens of Versailles in France can turn into a miserable time during a drenching rain, for the gardens are so extensive, you could be miles from cover. Taking a little hint from the Boy Scouts—be prepared!

The travel wear we carry includes:

Royal Robbins
North Face
White Sierra