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Eyewear--Snowsport Goggles

Snowsport Goggles

Anytime you are on or near snow, it can be very bright, and wrap-a-round sunglasses—especially for us in Florida who live in them—can adequately protect the eyes from the white stuff, which is brighter and more reflective than our fabulous beaches.

However, in foul weather conditions, or if one wears contacts choosing a goggle for eye protection can be the better choice than sunglasses.

Besides helping keep the face warm, the goggle’s typically sienna or orange tinted lens offers an enlightened or enhanced acuity allowing one to see bumps or nuances in the slopes.

This, of course, helps prevent an unexpected terrain experience (i.e. knees to the chest), which could result in a fall with injuries. Just as one would want a flashlight to run through the darkness, so do goggles help provide the “light” to schuss down a slope with confidence and with forewarning.