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Socks are one of the most important pieces of the apparel gear needed to insure a comfortable and blister-free hike, whether it is just for a day or for a week. On a hot day, the foot can put out almost a cup of water over an 8-hour period, and if that moisture is not taken away from the foot, rubbing and pressure point spots—called hot spots—can occur and that is the first step in developing a blister. All your other clothing can “look real good”, but if you can not walk, a day in the mountains can end quicker than you realize and you might spend an unexpected, cold night in the woods unprepared.

To help prevent this, a pair of good socks, which help wick the moisture away and out of the boot can help, but this of course must also be in conjunction with proper lacing of the boot to secure the foot—especially the heel—within the confines of the boot. This will prevent sloshing around within the boot and keep the heel from rubbing up and down on the heel cup of your footwear. For those that have really sweaty feet, adding very thin wicking liners can help—but you do have to know how to use them properly.

We believe that the boot or shoe and socks go hand in hand, and care must be taken to insure that the two—along with your feet—are the best fit.

We also recommend that even on a day hike you should always have a thinner spare pair of socks with you than what you started, so you can change out to allow for foot swelling, and room to put in protective padding or mole skin, or even a band-aide.

Taking care of the foot with the proper socks is like insuring you have the proper air in the tires of your car so you do not get an unexpected flat or blowout on the trail!

Some of the brands of socks Weatherford’s stocks include: