Dave & Roo


What’s a Roo?

In the spring of 2006, Weatherford’s became a haven for a litter of seven yellow lab puppies.  Barely a month old, the pups were filthy, malnourished and riddled with parasites.  In a communal effort, the crew of Weatherford’s took shifts nursing the litter back to health, and soon the pups were bright-eyed, waggy-tailed--and ready to find new homes!

One by one, the puppies went off with their new families--all save one: the little blonde one who was almost completely blind.  Prolonged exposure, infestation, and malnutrition had taken their toll, and while his brothers and sisters gallivanted off to explore the world around them, he stayed behind.

But this story has a happy ending.  After a few months of love--along with a healthy diet and clean environment--a remarkable thing happened: the puppy’s eyesight returned!  So it was that Roosevelt came to be the Dog Inside at Weatherford’s. Roo was the knick-name given by the employees at Weatherford’s, but his given name of Roosevelt was initially picked because if the little puppy had to go through life blind, he would have a presidential name. Thus, he was named after Theodore Roosevelt (aka Teddy) for his spirit, and after Franklin Roosevelt for his handicap!

Now eight years old, he comes to work every morning, and when the day is done, goes home with his dad, the owner of Weatherford’s.

As Roo will tell you, it’s a dog’s life....A very, very good dog’s life.